Monday, March 21, 2011

Vote for favorite flooring

Okay, my FB and blogging friends...I am indecisive and need some help with my final decision for the flooring in our home. I have it narrowed down to hickory or stranded bamboo. Take a look at the pictures from the company we are ordering through and let me know your favorite. Thanks! :)

Hickory here or here or here
Bamboo here or here or here


  1. Hmmm, both are pretty, but I think I like the hickory more. Good luck! I hate making decisions like this!

  2. I like the hickory. How soft is it? This is the second house we've had bamboo and its so soft it dents and scratches worse than any other I've seen. So exciting to get new floors!!

  3. Oh, the hickory is really neat! I think it might take a little more "modern" decorating to complete the look but who am I to say since I have no decorating experience. hehe