Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July's Must Read: Pride and Prejudice

I picked Jane Austen's classic masterpiece, Pride and Prejudice for July's must read. If you haven't read it, you are missing out! You need to read this book. Even if you have, it is one of those books that gets better each time you read it.
The book takes place in the early 19th Century English society, a time in which men held virtually all the power and women spent a great deal of time and effort trying to obtain a marriage to their own liking and to the advantage of their family. This is the case of the Bennett family, a family of daughters whose father's estate is to be given to a distant relative upon Mr. Bennett's death and they will loose their home and all monetary possessions. The story is mostly focused on the second daughter, Elizabeth, who is a witty, headstrong woman who finds herself falling in love with someone she least expected.The novel is full of memorable characters brought to life with Jane Austen's vivid descriptions. It is a story that I love rereading and pick up something new each time I read (or watch the movie).

If you haven't seen the BBC movie, after reading the book you really should watch it. It is one of the few movies I like just as well as the book. I usually pull this movie out when my husband is out of town. A fun chick flick.


  1. I need to reread that one...SO good. In fact, I think I might have it on the shelf.

  2. Just found your site. I like it. I will be back. Lots of yummy looking food and cool ideas.

  3. I LOVE that book and have read it many times. Maybe I should read it yet again:) I just watched that BBC version again with a friend last week. As she says "I know that if I am feeling down, by the time I finish watching all six hours of that I am in a really good and happy mood." I agree.

  4. PS I am REALLY lucky because even my hubby likes to watch it with me and he is the one who got us started watching it last time.