Monday, August 10, 2009

Next Food Network Star Winner!

I'm back! These last few weeks flew by and I can hardly believe we are into August. I won't be doing an August "must read" this month but it will be back in September.

As you probably guessed from my earlier post, I was so excited last week when Melissa won the Next Food Network Star. It was refreshing to see someone who is not a chef win. Not that I have anything against chefs, but I think she will have a different take on recipes being an at-home cook. I didn't see her episode yesterday, but I read the recipes online. Her recipes from the finale already have great reviews. Check out her individual potato gratins and her 4-step chicken.

She probably never imagined where her cooking talents would lead her. How cool would it be to have your own cooking show? I was impressed that she maintained her positive attitude throughout the competition and stayed focused when I am sure it was easy to get distracted and feel uncertain surrounded by professional chefs.

What do you think? Were you happy with the results? Have you tried any of her recipes?


  1. I am happy she won. Debbie was sad. As soon as I can muster up the motivation, I want to make the mini gratins! MMM

  2. i don't watch that show (don't have cable) but that picture of the potatoes and chicken look delish! thanks for sharing!

  3. I am SO thrilled she won for a few reasons: 1. Turns out my cynicism was unfounded (gosh, I'm jaded...), and 2. SHE IS AWESOME! I learned so much just from her pilot and the one show she's had so far...that potato torte she made the other day. The mini gratins look great too...

    Anyway. That was a ramble.