Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Quick Organizational Ideas

I've been spring cleaning this month and am slowly making progress. Here are some quick ways to organize your home.

My friend Vanessa had a great comment on an earlier post. She suggested putting all of your plastic grocery sacks into a baby wipe container. I did that and it freed up a lot of space under my kitchen sink.
This whole drawer below was stuffed with cds. I bought a cd case that holds 320 cds (can buy for $20 shipped online) and put all of our cds and covers in it and gave all the cases away. It frees up space so we can hold other things in the drawer now and it is easier to find the cds we are looking for.
I bought a label maker for $20 at Wal-Mart and have loved it. I label everything now.
I cleaned out my filing cabinet and printed out labels. My filing cabinet is in bad shape. I am on the hunt for a new, solid wood cabinet.
I organized my closet and bought plastic bins for everything on my shelves and labeled them.
I labeled all my spices. The labels that came on them when I purchased were rubbing off. I also threw out any of the spices on the rack I don't use and refilled the bottles with spices I do use.
I bought these fun jars at Target (but I saw them at Wal-Mart the day after I filled them for much cheaper) to hold my sugars, cornmeal, wheat flour and labeled them.I went through my magazines and cut out articles I would read again and filed them and recycled the rest of the magazines. I am now going to start doing this while reading the magazine the first time. Great time and space saver.

Those are some of my favorite tips. Please leave me a comment with your favorite organization tip. I love getting new ideas!


  1. ooooh, spring cleaning. maybe I'll do that if I can ever get off this darned computer. I love your organizing prowess.

    PS: found you on MM blogs. Blog on, girl! ;)

  2. You are doing such a great job with your blog! I love getting your ideas, thansk for sharing your talents. Isn't organizing such a hard task with a toddler! One thing that helps me attempt to be organized is having a box in Noah's closet. Anytime I pull out clothes that don't fit they go in teh box and when full, I label and put in the attic. I have one in our closet too for all things we are getting rid of and when full, I donate. Also,I hang chips and cereals from the wire racks in the pantry using kids pnat hangers (with teh clips on them) It saves space although Noah rips them down so not so helpful at this stage!Let me know if you find a good deal on wood file cabinets, we are on the hunt as well!

  3. Love the plastic bag idea. I'm so doing that.

  4. The label maker has been a big help at this house.