Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tasty Tuesday: Healthy snack

If you are like me, you may have some repenting to do this week after eating too much Easter candy. We always have vegetables in our fridge, but they often just sit there unless I cut them up and put them in a plastic container. My husband and I ate a large bowl of vegetables like the one below in two days. When we were hungry, we just snacked on these. I made a plain yogurt dip to go with them (see below).
Veggie Dip
1/2 cup plain yogurt
1 T honey
Few sprinkles of parsley (optional)

We recently went out for seafood, and we were served a relish tray with jicama on it. We thought it was yummy, so I bought one. Have any of you tried it? Do you like it? In case you've never seen jicama, here is a picture. It tastes like a cross between a water chestnut and an apple. It is great plain (the restaurant suggested soaking in vinegar overnight for added flavor), in salads, or in salsas. It is high in vitamin C and potassium and is low in sodium and has no fat. Try one and see what you think.

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  1. YES! We buy jicama all the time because it's just so fun to munch on. I cube it in salads too, especially if I'm taking the salad somewhere. Everyone says, "What was that white stuff?" We actually think it has the flavor of pea pods with the texture of water chestnuts.
    Nice to meet another jicama fan!