Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Next Food Network Star

Have you been watching the Next Food Network Star? I started watching last season and am following again this year. My favorite so far is Melissa but Debbie also has made some tasty looking dishes. I really like last year's winner, "Big Daddy." I watch his show, Big Daddy's House, and I always think what he is making looks really good. It usually isn't very healthy, but he isn't called Big Daddy by cooking light.

Some of his recipes include the following:


  1. Yes, i love that show! We started 2 seasons ago, but that one wasnt as good as last season. This season my fave from the start is Debbie, but Melissa has really shone brightly, so she became my second fave. I didnt like Kate at first, but right when I thought she was doing well and improving, she got the boot. Oh well. Its not like I think she would have been a good F.N.S., but neither are a bunch of them and the judges had no reason to kick her off.

  2. We love that show, but I have a theory about it: since they are no longer allowing viewers to vote (I'm assuming over the Amy Finlay deal) I think that they pick a group of people that would enlarge certain demographic groups' viewing of Food Network, and whoever wins they're happy with, you know? So, my theory is this year Debbie will win--there are no Asian cooks on FN (except for Morimoto, who's just on ICA), and she would fit the bill nicely. That's just my'm a conspiracy theorist.

    I do wish Adam would have won last year--he is such a cutie.

    I like Melissa too--she seems really sweet and genuine.

  3. I think that is a good theory! I wouldn't be surprised if Debbie wins.

  4. Yes , I'm watching. I am loving it. I am not sure the one who wins will deserve it the most. We will see.