Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Create your own recipe book

I have been looking for a way to condense my recipe books.  I have three binders and they are a bit overwhelming and most of the recipes I never use.  So, I decided to go through my binders and select the recipes I really wanted to keep and publish them in a recipe book.  I looked at a variety of companies to publish my book, but only one had all the criteria I wanted.

My criteria:

1. The book had to be a binder type style, so I could continue to add recipes to it.
2. I wanted the book to be in color and to have photos.  

I could customize this book more on on photobook site such as Blurb, but they didn't offer binder options and being able to add more recipes was more important to me than customizing the page.  

I ended up finding a company called Tastebook that fit my criteria.  I am really happy with my book.  I love that I have a photo of my grandmother right next to her peach pie recipe.  It is wonderful having photos to go along with family recipes and to remember that person as you are cooking or baking.  Also, I can now toss all three of my recipe binders and all my favorite recipes are in one book!  During the holiday season they are also offering 10% off their books.  This would be a great Christmas gift.  You could put all your family recipes in a book and give to grandmas, parents, siblings, etc.

You could do the same thing if you wanted to print your recipes off with a picture on them on your computer and put in a binder with a page protector.  See this post here, but I liked the idea of having something a little more professional.  

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