Thursday, December 26, 2013

New Year's Eve Party Ideas with Kids

I love New Year's Eve.  It is a stress-free holiday and it is lots of fun.  We always celebrate at 9 p.m. with the East Coast.  We start the evening with some good food.  I love doing a bunch of appetizers on New Year's Eve.

I also decorate our Christmas tree as a New Year's Tree.  I take down all the ornaments and add party hats, noise makers, balloons, etc.  I have three balloons with a piece of paper inside with an activity for the kids to do.  This past year one was put together a puzzle, another was to paint, and another was to play a candy bar game (kind of like a white elephant).

We then always love to light a few fireworks and then come inside and do the countdown and toast with Martinelli's cider. 

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