Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Valentine's Day Fun!

I have been working on my 2012 Family Scrapbook and Family movie and my computer has been painfully slow and I realized I haven't wiped it clean in three years, so I think it is time.  So that means I am finally making time to post since I am archiving all my old photos and removing them from my computer.  I am going to schedule several posts so you should be seeing them every other day this month.

So let's start with Valentine's Day ideas!  I am always sad to take down Christmas but having Valentine's Day a month and a half away makes it easier.  I recently purchased this console table from Target.  After having it in the house for about a month I decided that the dark cherry wood really isn't my style so I painted it white this weekend so it would be ready to display my Valentine's Day decor.  I made a quick runner from a piece of burlap and then I found two picture frames I had lying around the house and did a search for Valentine's day printables and subway art and found these two cute free printables.  I printed them off on cardstock and I added a mason jar with some hearts on sticks I picked up a couple years ago at the craft store and I had my display table!

I have a 16"x20" frame in my entryway that I switch up for each holiday.  I found a free valentine's day subway art printable and had it printed at Costco.  I don't have fresh flowers in my yard in February so I found some hearts to stick in my wall vases at the craft store last year.

 I saw this adorable wreath on Our Best Bites and thought it was the perfect wreath for my front door.  I bought 10 pieces of 9"x12" felt in red, white, and light pink and a foam 14" inch wreath.  I cut each piece of fabric into fourths and then cut out the rosettes.  You can click on the link to get the exact instructions.  This project is time consuming.  It took me about three hours and my right hand/wrist was sore for a few days after from rolling all those rosettes.  However, I love the finished product and it was worth it!

Click here for other fun Valentine's Day ideas I've done in the past. 

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