Thursday, April 1, 2010

How to Make a Rag Quilt

Rag quilts are extremely easy to make (all straight lines) and look beautiful. I just finished making one for our baby girl on the way and had so much fun picking out fabric for the quilt. Below are simple instructions for making your own rag quilt.

Supplies needed:
  • About 5 yards of fabric (the amount needed depends on the size of your quilt) - I bought a 1/2 yard in ten different fabrics. Make sure to pre-wash fabric. Clip each corner of fabric about a 1/4" to prevent fraying.
  • About 2 yards or batting (won't need if you use flannel). I like bamboo batting.
  • Thread (I used about 1 1/2 spools that were 110 yrds on my baby quilt)
  • Scissors - invest in the Fiskars Softouch Micro-Tip Scissors - regular scissors are very difficult to use when cutting to make the rag-effect at the end

Step 1: Cut out your fabric into squares. I made mine larger 10" squares, but you can choose any size. I typically do 5".
Step 2: Cut out batting into squares one inch smaller than fabric.
Step 3: Lay out squares into desired pattern.

Step 4: Sew and "X" through fabric and batting
Step 5: Sew squares together to form rows. Then sew rows together.
Step 6: Sew around all four edges of quilt.
Step 7: Cut all the edges of each square every 1/2". Trim thread ends that may be left from sewing.
Step 8: Wash and dry quilt. When it comes out of the dryer it will have the "rag" look.

Now enjoy your quilt! Rag quilts are so much fun to cuddle with. My son loves to rub the edges on his and it is his favorite blanket. He has two and he is always carrying around at least one of them.

Here are some flannel rag quilts I've done to give you some more ideas for your quilts. The first two were throw quilts for adults and the last one I made for my son.


  1. I was just looking up instructions on how to do this yesterday. Thanks for sharing. Your baby quilt turned out beautifully!

  2. I made a rag quilt and it was the biggest pain in the butt! My squares didn't line up, I hated doing it. I think I'm just now enough of a perfectionist and I'm too impatient.

    1. Heidi the cutting out is the most important part, if that is correct then all should match up. My back was perfectly lined up with squares as well as quliting X's. do try again as its so quick and fun :)

  3. i LOVE making rag quilts! i too use the fiskar scissors. i recently bought my 4th pair (lol), and they don't seem as sharp as i remember. so i did some research and found my new favorite kind...

    heritage rag quilt scissors. they're pricey, so i used a 40% off coupon to balance out my "splurge". they are AMAZING! cuts all the way to the tip, larger handle for bigger hands and super sharp! it cuts on the first try and works effortlessly. my hand feels much after a blanket using these.