Thursday, November 8, 2012

How to Make a Thankful Tree

I know I've pretty much been on a blogging sabbatical for the past couple of years!  Buying a fixer upper has created way too many projects for me; however, that does mean I have a lot of fun projects to blog about when I find the time.  My goal is to start blogging once a week (probably Thursdays or Fridays). 

I am a big fan of family traditions, especially for the holidays.  My kids are young and I want to start traditions now that they can look forward to each year.  Fall is a time I look forward to each year.  Probably like you, our October was jam packed with costume parties, candy, pumpkin goodies, and trips to the pumpkin patch and apple orchard.  I must say I breathed a huge sigh of relief when November 1st rolled around!  Once Halloween passes it seems the anticipation of Christmas begins and we often don't give much thought to Thanksgiving (except for the food on the actual day).  November is a nice month to kick back a bit before the craziness of December begins and reflect on our many blessings.  To help my kids with this I thought it would be fun to create a Thankful Tree.  I have seen this idea floating around the blogosphere and I thought it was the perfect November tradition for our family.

Creating a Thankful Tree is simple and makes a fun decoration or centerpiece.  I went out to my backyard and snapped a few branches off one of my trees and placed them in a large Kerr Jar.  I then cut circles out of scrapbook paper and hole punched them.  You then can write what you are thankful for on the back of each circle tag and place on a branch.  You can do one circle per person each day or you could wait until the day of Thanksgiving and have each person at your dinner write what they are thankful for and place the tag on the tree.

Happy November!

"There are two little words in the English language that perhaps mean more than all others.  They are 'thank you.'"
- Gordon B. Hinckley from his book Way to Be!
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