Friday, January 25, 2013

Family Room Decor Ideas

We have an awkward sized family room.  It is long and narrow.  It is too narrow to really fit the typical love seat perpendicular to the sofa.  It is the room we use the most, so I made it my first priority when we moved into our home.  I searched for a sectional that would fit the dimensions of our room and I found a reasonably priced line called Jonathan Louis that custom makes sectionals.  Perfect!  


We then had our tv mounted on the wall and above our corner fireplace, since an entertainment center would work in front of a fireplace.  It looks great and you can't see the wires, which I love.

I found a side table at Goodwill.  It is a bit scratch on top, as you can see, but it works.  I may repaint it someday but it isn't a priority now.  I found the lamp and lampshade at Target.  I bought a basket at Home Goods to place our remotes, movies, magazines inside to keep clutter off the table.  I also think having a plant in a room brightens the space.

For artwork, I decided to go with a California/Americana wall.  I found a free old map of the Western US that I had printed at Costco.  I also found some great California vintage artwork on  I also added the preamble to the constitution that I designed in Photoshop.  I had a page of connected dollar bills I purchased when I went to the mint.  It is a fun wall collage I can keep adding too and switch up.

I found the rug at Lowes.  I found a coral damsk fabric to make the throw pillows and a coral chevron to make my ottoman.  I bought a solid piece of wood in the dimensions I wanted my ottoman (don't use particle board...I tried that at first and my son jumped on it and it broke in half!).  I then attached 1x4s to make a base and screwed those into my large board.  I bought wood legs at Lowe's and the hardware to attach them to the board.  I then bought foam and batting at JoAnn's to wrap the ottoman and then covered with fabric and stapled with a staple gum (I tried using push brads at first, but staples work so much better and a gun is only about $12). I then wraped 1x4s with fabric and glued onto the sides of the ottoman.  I may do a full post on this if I get time.  Email me if you have questions.

I bought white curtains at Bed Bath and Beyond and then adhered coral fabric strips to the curtains and then covered the edges with a white ribbon.  A no sew way to make custom curtains!

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