Monday, October 3, 2011

Decorating My Entryway

As those of you regular followers know, we recently moved out of our small condo into a home. We really don't have any furniture, so are house is pretty open right now. Our living/dining room is the first room that you walk into and it doesn't have any furniture. However, I wanted it to feel somewhat welcoming and decorate at least the entryway for now. My first order of business was to get a rug. Since our doorway entry is at an angle, I thought a circle rug would works well rather than creating another angle with a rectangular rug. I had a hard time finding any circular rugs that I liked. I wanted something plain since I don't know how I am going to decorate the rest of the room yet. I found this rug online at Home Decorators. It works fine for the purpose. It isn't my favorite rug in the world, but I wanted something simple.

I also knew I wanted a bench in the entryway. I decided on white, since I have used painted white wood throughout the house so I felt it tied in with the style in the home. I found the bench on Overstock. I found the basket to hold the shoes at Home Goods and I just added a piece of felt to the bottom so it didn't scratch my wood floor.

I made the pillow covers using the steps from this earlier post. I found the lime fabric at JoAnn and the floral pattern online called Paradise Ivory Double Blooms. I found free subway art at this site. I am going to swap the art with each holiday and between I will have the quote that is now in the frame. I had it printed as a 16"x20" photo at Costco for around $6. I found the white frame at Aaron Brothers.

I made the hanging mason jar vases by purchasing a small piece of pine at Lowe's and sawing it in half so I had two boards. I painted the boards with two coats of white paint. I bought two hose clamps and my hubby drilled a hole though the clamp at secured onto the board. I then added a picture hanger on the back of each board and secured the jars into the clamps and hung on the wall. Super easy. I now just have to make sure I have at least some kind of flower blooming all year to keep the jars full.