Thursday, March 3, 2011

How to make a no-sew tutu

Every little girl needs a tutu, right? I've seen so many adorable pictures of baby girls in tutus that I just had to make one so I could snap my own photos of my little one. She has big blue eyes, so I decided to go with a periwinkle tulle. This was super easy and inexpensive to make. These would be great baby shower or birthday gifts, too.

Here's what you'll need to make your own tutu.

-Tulle (I ordered mine here at, amount will vary depending on how the size of your child. I ordered two spools (6"x25 yard spool) and I used one and a half spools for my baby.

-1/2" elastic band (I bought a package a Wal-Mart)
-Staple or safety pin

-Measure your child's waist and then deduct about and inch and this will be how big you want the waist
-Staple or safety pin the elastic ends together. I left a little extra elastic overlap so my daughter can continue to grow with this tutu.
-Decided how long you want the tutu and then cut your tulle to twice desired length (since you will be folding in half and tying to the elastic). My tulle on the spool already came with a 6" width but if you don't buy yours by the spool cut into 6" strips first.
-Double knot you tulle pieces to the elastic. This is the most time consuming part. It takes about an hour, but isn't hard. It is a great activity to do while watching tv.

That's it. Once your tutu is as fluffy as you'd like, put it on your little one and snap some pictures!


  1. That tutu is great, but that is one super adorable girl wearing it!!! :) Found you on MMB

  2. Oh, I'm thinking my daughter may have a tutu in her near future. I love this- i didn't realize it'd be so easy to do!