Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Preschool Activities: Thanksgiving Week

It was fun teaching my son about Thanksgiving. He is so excited about all the holidays this year and it makes them more special seeing them through a child's eyes. Below are preschool activities for Thanksgiving Week you can enjoy the next couple days.

Supplies Needed for Thanksgiving Week:
-Construction Paper
-Turkey Pattern
-Googly eyes
-Paper Sack
-Crayons and or paint

Suggested Books to Read:
-I just grabbed what my library had. The only one I was impressed enough to recommend is Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks by Margaret Sutherland. Update: I also found a book called Thanks for Thanksgiving by Julie Markes that is a good read.

Pilgrim and Native American Day:
-Make an Native American Costume. Ideas here and here

Thankful Day:
-Make a Thankful Turkey -Watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Turkey Day:
-We colored a turkey coloring page from our local newspaper. You can find your own sheet here or here.
-You have your preschooler help make the place card holders for Thanksgiving day. Here are some ideas I gave last year.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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