Thursday, October 28, 2010

How to Make Felt (Flannel) Figures for Your Felt Board

After making my felt board, my next project was to make felt figure kits to use on the felt board. My son is really into the alphabet right now, so I decided to make some uppercase and lowercase letters for us to do during his daily learning time. I just typed the alphabet in Arial font size 175 and printed on T-Shirt Iron-on Transfer paper.

Here's what you'll need:

-T-Shirt Iron-on Transfer Paper - This can be expensive if you don't buy in bulk. You can purchase a pack of six 8"x11.5" sheets at Wal-Mart for about $7.50 ($1.25 each). I bought 100 sheets for $63 (including tax and shipping) from Dharma Trading which works out to 63 cents each. It still is an investment but much cheaper than purchasing your own felt kits which are usually about $10 per kit (which is usually only a sheet or two of figures).
-Felt or flannel (I prefer white)
-Printer (Recommendation: Kodak printers have the best price on cartridges. I know when I had a Cannon it was about $50 to refill my cartridges! Now it is $25 with my Kodak.)
-Folders to organize kits

Follow steps on photos below:

You can find the mirror image option (see below) in by selecting File, Print, Properties, Layout tab.

If you are interested in scripture stories for your flannel board, I found a great site called Chocolate on My Cranium that has about 50 free kits (see example below) you can download that come with the images and a text document. I put the figures on felt from an idea from a little of this, a little of that blog. These kits are perfect for Family Home Evening (family time we try do every Monday night).

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