Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall Apple & Pumpkin Gift Bags

Today, I will be showing you an easy, inexpensive way to create fall gift bags to give goodies and gifts to your family, friends, and neighbors this fall.

First, you'll need your supplies.

Supply List:
Brown paper lunch bags
Red, Orange, Brown, and Green craft paint
Small paint brush
Hole punch

You can make both your apple and pumpkin sack using the same apple half. First, you'll make your apple bags.

Cut your apple in half and paint with red paint.

Stamp painted apple half on bottom of brown bag. Reapply paint and stamp another apple above the first one. Continue this pattern until you have created desired amount of apple sacks.

To make your pumpkin sacks, cut the same apple half you were using off another 1/4". Make sure you can no longer see the core since you won't want a core in your pumpkin.

Paint with orange paint and stamp on brown bag just like you did with the apple bags.

Next you can paint the leaves on the apples. I didn't have brown paint so I drew the stems on my apples and pumpkins using a brown marker. You can also paint the stems.

Fill your bags with the goodies or gift and then fold top of bag down. Punch two holes in the sack and thread raffia through the holes. Tie a bow. You are finished! You have adorable fall gift sacks!

The apple gift sacks would also be great to give to teachers at the end of the year.

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