Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April's Book Pick: It's All Too Much by Peter Walsh

Spring is in the air and spring cleaning has been on my mind. After reading It's All Too Much by Peter Walsh, a professional organizer from TLC's series Clean Sweep, I was ready to do some major decluttering, organizing, and cleaning! That is what I have been up to all week and probably will the next couple weeks.

At the front of the book is a quote from the Fight Club that says, "The things you own end up owning you." I agree with that. I think all of our stuff becomes suffocating and there is something liberating about simplifying and getting rid of the stuff we really don't need.

In January, I posted tips for organizing your home. This book expanded on many of those ideas. A lot of the information you may already know, but may not do. At least that is how I felt. What I liked most about this book is it inspired me to go through my closets and cupboards again and get rid of the stuff that I really don't need.

The book offers a clutter quiz, so you can see how big of a clutter problem (if any) that you have. It focuses on how you view your possessions and helps you reevaluate how you view stuff. It outlines a plan of action to start your home organization and then proceeds to give ideas of what to do in each room of your home.

This is a good read. Next time you are out, stop by the library and grab this book! It will definitely motivate you to do some spring cleaning.

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