Friday, April 3, 2009

Natural Air Fresheners

Fish. Garbage. Diapers. Whatever offensive smell you want to eliminate from your home there are all-natural ways to do that. Here are two of my favorite ways freshen the air in my home.

Since vinegar doesn't have the most wonderful aroma, it is probably not something you would think to use as an air freshener. Vinegar works well because it doesn't mask odor like store bought fresheners. It absorbs the smell. Set out a bowl (or two) of vinegar in the room where you want to eliminate the odor. I like to do it before going to bed. When I wake up in the morning the odor is gone.

Lemon & cloves
If you prefer to have a nice aroma, you can slice a lemon and put in a pot of water with some cloves and simmer on the stove top.

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