Friday, February 13, 2009

Free photos, calendar, and 8x8 book at

My friend Haylee recently let me know about a really cool photo website called When you sign-up they give you tons of free stuff, such as 1200 photos, a calendar, and an 8x8 book. Once you sign-up, the calendar and book must be completed within two days to be free. The expiration on the other items range from a month from when you sign-up to six months. Go check-out the site! Remember, don’t sign-up unless you have time in the next two days to make your free photo book and calendar.


  1. I started into this today...I think they have to give some much free stuff away because they aren't as user-friendly. :) But I'm still doing it because I'm all about free stuff.

  2. Finished my book JUST in time. :)