Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kids' Easter Basket Gift Ideas

Easter is coming up, so it is time to start planning what to put inside your little one's Easter basket. Below are some ideas. Please leave a comment with any other ideas you have.

Easter Books:

Religious Books:

Since Easter is a religious holiday, I think it is good to put something religious in the Easter baskets. My favorite children's religious books are by Greg Olsen. I love his artwork and that the pictures look more real. So many of the religious books I have looked at for kids have cartoon characters, but I think kids prefer looking at more lifelike pages. I actually used the free Picaboo coupon and made my own "Church Book" for my son to put in his basket this year. I included stories from the bible and about Jesus and Gospel concepts.

Grow in Water Animals:

Kids love seeing little animals grow. I think these are really cool, too. Buy a 5-pack here for $3.88.

Coloring Books/Crayons/Paint/stickers:

Hit your local dollar store or Wal-Mart and find some fun art activities for your child.

Other ideas:

Bubbles, matchbox cars, stuffed animals, clothing, sand toys

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