Friday, October 2, 2009

Mini Caramel & Chocolate Covered Apples

If you are like me, your favorite part of a caramel apple is the caramel topping. Caramel apples are really hard to eat. That's why I think mini caramel and chocolate covered apples are the way to go! You can pop them easily in your mouth and the topping to apple ratio is much higher!

Below are the supplies needed to make your mini apples:
2 apples (pick your favorite kind)
Melon baller
3/4 cup chocolate chips
1/2 bag carmel candy
Chopped nuts, sprinkles, chopped candy bar, etc.
Popsicle sticks

Instructions: Wash your apples well and leave on the skin. The skin will help the caramel stick. Take your melon baller and take a piece out of the apple. I must warn you these will look misshapen. Don't get frustrated because they won't be a perfect circle. That's okay because once you add the topping they will look round. Once you scoop your "mini-apple" it will look more like a semi-circle. Place on piece of wax paper and stick a Popsicle stick in the apple gently so you don't break the apple. You should get at least 12 mini apples from two apples. As you can see below, I got more than that from the 2 1/2 apples I used.

Next, melt the caramel and chocolate. I just melted my chocolate chips in the microwave for 30 seconds and stirred and for about 15 more second after that. It may take longer if you just pulled them out of the freezer. I then spooned the chocolate on the apple and then rolled in the chopped nuts and sprinkles I had laying on a plate. I set the apple back on the wax paper to harden. The chocolate takes awhile to harden so I suggest placing in the fridge to speed hardening. Next, melt your caramel. You may melt in a saucepan or microwave. Follow package instructions. Unlike the chocolate, the caramel hardens quickly, so you need to work fast. Coat apples with caramel and roll in sprinkles or nuts. The caramel slips a bit on the part of the apple with out a peel but I found it I kept spooning it on it eventually stuck on just fine.

That's it! Once the caramel and chocolate harden you'll have tasty mini-apples that are easy to just pop in your mouth! Yum!

These would be great gifts. Just wrap up individually in plastic wrap with a cute bow. You could even put them in these sacks.

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  1. Cute idea! We're going to make them for FHE tonight! I bought a box full of apples home from Apple Hill last week.