Saturday, June 27, 2009

What Not to Wear Tips

One of my television shows is What Not to Wear. I always tell my husband to nominate me for the show. I do okay dressing, but there are definitely days Stacy and Clinton would shudder at what I am wearing. These are some of the tips for women I have picked up from watching the show (not that I always follow them). You can also go to their website to get tips for your particular body type.

  • Don’t shop in the juniors department if you are not a teenager
  • Don’t wear clothing with horizontal lines – it makes you appear larger than you are
  • Skirts/dresses that come right to the knee are most flattering
  • Don’t wear clothing with elastic or drawstring waistbands (hard one for me - I have a floral skirt w/elastic waistband that I love)
  • Pick a shirt with some kind of embellishment that makes it look special
  • Your accessories don’t have to match the colors of your clothing they just have to “go”
  • Don’t buy cheap clothing, buy fewer pieces of quality clothing
  • Don’t wear athletic shoes and clothing unless you are going to the gym
  • No flip flops unless you are at the beach (another hard one for me)
  • Tailor your clothing to fit you if you can’t find clothing that fits off the rack
  • Pointed toe shoes and heels make your legs look longer
  • Anything goes with a neutral (black, brown, navy, white, gray)
  • Buy natural clothing fibers (cotton, wool, cashmere) - they breath better
  • Buy a good bra
  • Buy clothing that flatters your best features (if you are bottom heavy, wear a pattern that draws your attention up top)
  • Create a waist (and curves) by choosing clothing that will do this (structured jacket, dress with band at the waist, etc.)
  • Buy clothing for what size you are now (not what you hope to be)
  • Save wearing your t-shirts for the gym, cleaning, and working in the yard


  1. What a fun blog Erika! And I think the tips are great, but I have a hard time following all of them! I could definitely use an afternoon (or maybe a couple weeks) with Stacy and Clinton.

  2. I love that show too!! And i always think you dress nice!

  3. Okay, I like the tips except for the flip-flop one---let's get real!