Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Save money! Read these Coupon tips.

I read several coupon blogs but am a very basic coupon user. I just shop at stores that consistently have low prices but I know I could save even more if I put in the effort. My friend Vanessa is a bargain shopper and has been so kind to offer her coupon tips. You may not live by some of the stores she mentions, but the general tips are great! Here’s what she had to say…

First, according to where you live some of your stores may double or even triple coupons so you just have to ask, unfortunately none of mine do but I still seem to do alright.

Get the Sunday paper! This is my main source of coupons. I get them from my family/friends that don't use them too.

Filing System
The key is to have a very efficient system otherwise you will never use them. I have one coupon filer of all food products broken down into groups...frozen, snacks, cereals etc. Check out this site for filing ideas. Some people buy baseball card sheet protectors to organize their coupons.
One filer that is everything else, such as baby, cleaning, detergents, and paper products.

One filer that is for individual stores. As I read about my deals and figure out my purchases I pull all the coupons I will need and put them behind the store they go with so at the store I just grab my products and pull out this one stack of coupons so I am not standing in the store trying to find coupons....not cool with a toddler.

I will for warn you this will take time and effort. When I first started I taught myself and spent many hours a week on it. Now it is much simpler and I am a lot faster and it has been sooo worth it!

If all of this seems overwhelming the best thing is to go to and just start reading and researching.

Biggest Savers


Brindi, a lot of GA publix do double and they also have a penny item of the week that I don't know details on but you can find out on

At Publix on Buy 1 Get 1 Free Items you can use coupons on BOTH items.

Publix will accept ALL competitor coupons EX) You can use 1 manufacture coupon, 1 Publix coupon and 1 target coupon on the same item.


Visit and go to the coupon generator and there will be great coupons for items at Target (remember combine it with a manufacture coupon or use it at Publix too!).

Visit and go to Forums , choose a store (Wal-Mart, Target, CVS, anything even local grocery stores that only you have will be there) click and read about good deals others have found so you can be on the look-out for them.

CVS (CVS and Long’s are now the same) - HUGE SAVINGS! I never pay for stuff! Just this spring my receipt says I have spent $7.18 and saved $393.79

Get your red CVS card - it’s free-this is how you get extra care bucks printed at the bottom of your receipt. Keep the extra care bucks to use on purchases but be aware of the expiration dates on them.

You will initially put out some money but then only buy products that give you extra care bucks using the extra care bucks you have already earned.

Use coupons on all extra care bucks items if you have them. Example: Colgate toothpaste - pay $3 (use your extra care bucks) and get $3 extra care bucks back. Use a $1 off Colgate coupon so pay $2 and get $3 back….you profit! Always scan your red card at the blinkie machine to get more coupons.

Again you can go to and read all the deals others have figured out for you and just copy what they do! They always post the weekly ads and then post what coupons match with them!

The key to this will be just going in and doing it and there is a learning curve but you can get it!

General Guidelines
On any product at every store you can use both 1 manufacture coupon and 1 store coupon on the same item.

Collect coupons from blinkies, Sunday paper, neighbors, family, and turn style in front of Publix and save them. Do not use them until there is a sale on the product (unless you really need that item for the current week).

Coupon Sites
Set-up a junk email account to use for sign ups-I only print from these when someone has mentioned a current sale they will match up with on

One last thing....for gifts and such I use Go to forums then hot deals and read about all kinds of bargains and do searches. I buy when deals are posted and put them away for upcoming holidays and had to do NO shopping at Christmas time.

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