Saturday, May 2, 2009

May Spotlight - Go Vote!

I am visiting family this week and have been having a wonderful time.  I went to women's conference yesterday and came away with some great spiritual nuggets...more on that in this week's coming Motivational Monday post.  

Celebrating Today also is a nominee for the blog spotlight for May over at Mormon Mommy Blogs.  I'd appreciate it if you'd go over to the site and vote!  

Have a great weekend everyone! 


  1. you have a great blog here! I love the May "must read"

    have fun with your family!

  2. Skimming through and I like what I see.

  3. Hi there! I came over from MMB. I was at Women's Conference this weekend, too!

  4. I was at Women's Conference too... why did we not all meet up??


  5. You are definitely getting my vote too! Can't wait to check out that book.