Friday, May 22, 2009

Dot-to-Dot using string

I have held onto very few art projects from school and the sailboat pictured above is one of them. I think it is such a cool project. It looks really impressive and it is super easy. This is a fun activity for older elementary school children because it is different from the usual art project. This is also a fun project for adults.

This project is basically a dot-to-dot using thread or thin string. If you copy this sailboat pattern, make sure you have one color of string for following the numbers dot-to-dot and a different color when following the letters. Tape the beginning and end of the string with scotch tape.
You can easily create your own dot-to-dot pattern. It would be fun to use your dot-to-dot as a wall hanging to match a themed room. I printed this train image and then drew a pattern to demonstrate what it would look like. Glue your pattern to the back of your desired piece of card stock or some kind of thick paper and stitch your pattern. Matte the picture and put it in a frame and you have a great wall decoration!
I also found a fun site that demos making stitched greeting cards. If you are interested, check out this site.

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  1. Wow! That looks like a ton of work! But how intriguing it is when it's finished. I would just stare at it for a while. It's really quite cool.