Friday, April 17, 2009

Fresh new look

I've been wanting to change the look of the site for a month or so and I finally made time for it today. I hope you like it! You'll also notice that I created a Facebook fan site and a Twitter site. If you have accounts on either or both of these sites, please sign-up to follow the site. I've also added a "Sharethis" link to all posts, so you can share any of the posts you really like with your family and friends. I also have a button you can post on your blogs to spread the word about this site. I finally feel like I am getting in a rhythm with this blog and am feeling more comfortable about spreading the word. I will be having a giveaway next month and it will be advantageous to those who follow my blog!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Love the look. I'm excited to follow along & see what fun projects you're doing.

  2. I never saw the old one because this is my first day on your site...but I love the way it looks! I'm excited to keep visiting!