Thursday, April 9, 2009

Blog Books

Isn’t it hard to imagine life without blogs? They have become such a big part of the way we communicate information online. I began blogging two years ago and have been hooked ever since. My family blog has become my journal for recording family memories and pictures. With all the work that goes into a blog, I definitely think the information should be preserved in a book form. That is why I love blog books. I have made two blog books using and think they are such a family treasure. Blurb is once again compatible with Blogger (it's last software version wasn't). If I never get around to scrapbooking last year’s events, I at least have them preserved in my blog book. I've posted a few pictures of my book below. Ignore the gray blobs on the front and back cover. I added added those for privacy reasons. What I love about Blurb is that it automatically “slurps” all of my blog posts into the book for me. I don’t have to import every picture from my blog. You definitely can use other sites like Shutterfly or but you have to manually input all your information. Blurb makes it a breeze to import all of your blog posts.

The quality of the Blurb books is excellent. Out of all the online sites I’ve used, I think their quality is the best. I recommend getting a hardbound book with image wrapping. Last year I got the dust jacket and find that it is a pain. Spend the few extra bucks and get image wrapping.

Their site is simple to use, but their template layouts are lacking. However, I really am not looking for a “scrapbook” look so the lack of template layouts wasn’t a huge deal. They have background designs and solid colors you can choose. I picked about five solid colors and used those throughout the book. The page below is an example from the book.
For those of you who blog, I definitely think you would love creating a blog book to preserve your memories.


  1. I thought blurb didn't do books anymore?

  2. For awhile they weren't compatible with blogger but they updated their software and it is compatible once again.