Sunday, March 8, 2009

Workout Song Suggestions

I finally joined the digital music age and bought a phone with an mp3 player. I am working on putting together workout music that is really upbeat that will energize me while I run. Any suggestions?


  1. I just re-did my gym playlist and I wasn't sure what to put on it because I always had the same old stuff. So I went to (do you use Pandora? It's awesome) and I put in one song that represented the style and tempo I was looking for (for me it was Katy Perry Hot n' cold) and then I got tons of songs by other artists that were perfect for what I wanted. I just jotted down the ones I liked and downloaded them. It worked great!

  2. Some songs that I have on the workout playlist on my iPod currently are: (they are all pretty random as you can tell)
    Ain't No Mountain High Enough-Marvin Gaye
    Viva la Vida-Coldplay
    Breathless-The Corrs
    So Happy Together-The Turtles
    Come on Over Baby-Christina Aguliera
    Love Song-Sara Bareilles
    In His Kiss-Cher
    Disease-Matchbox 20