Monday, March 2, 2009

Emergency Preparedness: CPR & Choking

Recently, my husband's coworker went out to eat with his family and his father-in-law started choking on a piece of meat. Luckily, his daughter has a medical background and knew how respond. The importance of knowing how to handle choking has also been on my mind because of my son. He now feeds himself and he loves to stuff his mouth extremely full of food. I have to remind him to chew and I often worry he will choke.

I believe it is critical that everyone know at least the basics of what to do in situations like these. Classes are offered through the American Red Cross. The classes can be taken in person or online. Also, check with your city as they often also offer these trainings. I recently checked out a video at our local library that taught both infant and child CPR and choking training. It is recommended that you review the steps once each month. Below I have put links to online videos that show basic instructions for CPR and choking.

Infant CPR and choking

Child CPR and choking

Adult CPR

Adult Choking

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