Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentine's Day Card ideas

Valentine’s Day is a day to show your loved ones how much you care. What better way to do that than through a personalized card?

Last year, I created an 8”x10” card for my husband that had a grid collage that highlighted all the fun times we have had together. At the bottom of the card I typed a small message. I displayed it on an easel next to the giant sugar cookie I made for him (we’ll discuss cookies next week). You don’t have to spend a lot of money to let your loved one know you care. We both enjoyed looking at all the pictures on the collage and reminiscing.

In my last post, I explained how to create a picture collage in Picasa. Now that you have your collage, you can insert it into your design program or you can use Microsoft Word or Paint if you don’t have a design program. You can be creative with the design of your card. If you would like to use digital scrapbook paper or accessories on your card, there are all kinds of sites that offer free downloads. There is a “Sweet Sprinkles” download on The Shabby Princess site right now.

You also can just use the auto-shapes feature in Word. Click here for info on how to do that. You then just need to type a message and then you can print your card. If using Word, you can write onto of the shape you created (or the scrapbook paper you inserted) by making a text box. Click here to learn how to do that.

I like giving my parents and in-laws little Valentine’s from my son. I followed a similar process detailed above, except I just used one single picture instead of a collage and made the picture smaller and cut it out and glued it to a piece of card stock.

Another fun idea is to cut out a whole stack of paper hearts and write things you love about your spouse on them and then hide them around the house on Valentine’s Day. It is always nice to receive compliments!

Let me know how your cards turn out!


  1. Okay Erika--

    I didn't know that my visiting teacher was so talented. I really want to get into digital scapbooking and feel that I may be able to pick your brain about it. I only read this one post, so now I will need to read more and see what I can learn!

  2. Hey, I found this link through Heidi's blog. This is a really cute site, you are very talented! Well, I'll be checking back here often!