Monday, February 9, 2009

Giant Heart-Shaped Sugar Cookies

Every Valentine’s Day growing up, my mom would make us giant heart-shaped sugar cookies with our names frosted on them. I loved this tradition, so I have kept it up in our family. Below is my mom’s fabulous sugar cookie recipe with butter cream frosting. These cookies are so soft and the frosting is creamy and delicious. Your family will love these!

Sugar Cookies

3 cups flour

½ tsp salt

½ tsp baking soda

½ tsp baking powder

1 cup butter or margarine softened

1 cup sugar

3 eggs

1 tsp vanilla

Cream the butter, sugar, eggs, and vanilla. Add flour mixture. Chill for one hour in the refrigerator, if possible. Roll cookie dough out on floured surface and cut into desired shape. Bake on cookie sheet at 350 degrees for 8 minutes. Do not overcook.

To make my giant cookie pattern, I simply fold a blank piece of white paper in half and cut the heart to the desired size. Place your pattern on the rolled out cookie dough and cut around pattern with a knife.

Butter cream frosting

4 cups powdered sugar

1 cup softened butter

1 tsp vanilla

Mix above ingredients until smooth and creamy. If mixture seems too runny, simply add more powdered sugar. If too thick, add a bit of water. Add food coloring to frosting to make it desired color.

I usually make most of the frosting a light pink color (using red food coloring) and then about 1/3 of the frosting a darker pink, which I use to write on the cookies and frost a border around the cookies.

Have fun with these! Stay tuned for another sugar cookie idea later this week...cookie bouquets.


  1. Thanks for the frosting recipe! Now I won't have to dig through my recipes to find one. I have to make a bunch of sugar cookies for my niece's baptism on Saturday.

  2. Hi Erika. I found your blog through Allyson's blog. Those sugar cookies look way yummy. Maybe next year. I already had my alotment of sugar for Valentine's Day (see my recent post).

  3. I love this blog Erika! You have so many good ideas. I am going to make these cookies with Cole tomorrow. Happy Valentine's Day!