Sunday, February 22, 2009

Finding your core "color"

Many of you probably have taken the Color Code Personality Test by Dr. Taylor Hartman. He divides personalities into four colors: red, blue, white, and yellow. Many of us have a little of each “color” in us but usually one dominant color. Dr. Hartman believes we are born with an innate core color that can’t be changed; we can only change our characteristics. So take a minute and take the test. This “free” version of the test will only tell you your main "core" color. Below is an outline of the characteristics of each color. Don't peek below until after you take the test! My mom did a training on this recently and found t-shirts that sum up each color. I’ve listed those in the quotation marks under each color heading.

“I'll try to be NICER, if you'll try to be SMARTER!”
Motivated by power

Strengths - Focused, practical, leaders, assertive, want to look good and be respected, visionary, proactive, capable, movers and shakers
Weaknesses – impatient, insensitive, think they know everything (usually they do), selfish nature

“MY CONSCIENCE WORRIES ABOUT MY SUBCONSCIOUS…In other words: my inner sense of complex ethical/moral principles worries about my personal mental processes of which I am unaware.”
Motivated by intimacy
Strengths – stable, nurturing, punctual, obedient, loyal, loves routine, want to please others, want security
Weaknesses – Too serious, demanding, unforgiving, judgmental, critical of others, self-doubting, worrisome, not the best team players (they can do the job better themselves)

“If I pretend to agree, will you GO AWAY?”
Motivated by peaceful tranquility
Strengths – quiet, agreeable, passive, patient, typically shy, receptive of all personalities, please themselves and then others
Weaknesses – uninvolved, silently stubborn, unmotivated, they can lie to your face to avoid conflict, boring (not bored), want freedom to move at their own pace

“Shiny objects distract me.”
Motivated by fun
Strengths – creative, embrace life, optimistic, spontaneous, forgive easily, charming, curious, like new people and new experiences, great verbal communicators
Weaknesses – disorganized, struggle with commitment, unreliable, sloppy, irresponsible, often take the easy road, want to hide insecurities

In dealing with others, it is good to know our strengths and weaknesses and then observe their personality styles. We can use our knowledge of others strengths and weaknesses to effectively work and communicate with them.

For instance, my core color is red. My husband’s core color is blue. I have a very direct communication style and I have to work on saying things in a way that a “blue” personality won’t take offense at what I am saying. I may say something like, “you didn’t get all the food off this dish you washed” and that is all I mean. I am just pointing out a fact – something that person didn’t realize. However, “blue” personalities may view my comment as a lack of appreciation for them and they may feel I don’t think they do a good job helping with the dishes.

I also know that “blues” love to talk about their interests, stories, plans, etc. I love to get right to the point when I talk to someone and I don't understand why some people like to spend a half hour talking about something that could be discussed in 5 minutes. However, I know that it is important for “blues” to have in-depth talks so I have worked on becoming a better listener.

I am interested to hear what your core personality colors are. Leave a comment and let me know! It is a great way to recognize your strengths and your weaknesses. We can then work on changing our weaknesses in order to become a better person, spouse, friend, parent, employee, etc. For more information on this subject, check out Dr. Hartman's Book The Color Code.


  1. I am a blue. People tell me all of the time that I'm a red, I guess I have a few of those characteristics as well.

  2. This was fun! I'm blue...and reading it describes me quite well. Now I'm having Nate take the test... :)