Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wall Pops: A fun, easy way to decorate

I love stripes on bedroom walls. They can be playful and fun or add a modern twist to a room. I wanted stripes in my son’s room, but since we rent I didn’t want to paint the stripes. While shopping around Lowe's one day, I found Wall Pops (also sold online). Wall Pops are similar to wall paper, except they pull off your wall easily and without damaging it. They can also be moved and placed in a new location. Wall Pops come in stripes and other patterns. They are an inexpensive way to decorate and add personality to a room. I bought two colors, as you can see below, and cut the red stripe using a rotary cutter. The project only took a couple hours and I love the results. Plus, I can take the stripes with me to our next home.

Below is a picture from the site link I gave you above. Don't the Wall Pops look great in this bathroom?

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