Wednesday, November 23, 2016

My Favorite Usborne Books

I am hosting an online Usborne book party this Tuesday, so I thought I would share some of my favorite books to help those of you unfamiliar with the books know some good ones to order.  I am sure your kids will loves these as much as mine do!  These make great Christmas gifts for your kids, grandkids, cousins, etc.  When you order on Tuesday (or day or two after) just make sure to select my name at check-out.

Baby and Toddler Books:

Animal Hide and Seek

My Wild Animal World - 9 tiny books perfect for a toddler's hands.

That's Not My Series - A personal favorite of my son is That's Not My Plane (Also have them for Snowman, Pirate, Mermaid, Fairy, etc).

Nursery Rhymes (I couldn't find the exact one I have, but this one looks similar)

Children's book:

A Squirrel's Tale - This has been well-loved at our home! Kids love sliding the squirrel in and out of the slots on each of the pages trying to help squirrel find his acorns.

Telling Time - I couldn't find this on there site so it may be sold out or no longer sold.  I'll check on that.

Busy Car Book - We have the car version of this and it comes with an actual car that drives around the page of the book.  The helicopter one also looks fun.

See Inside Your Body Book

I Can Draw Animals - my daughter loves this

Others I am eyeing that I've heard great things about (I didn't put a picture of all of them, but listed some that I've heard great things about):

Plane Lift and Look, Book of Bible Stories,

Muddle and Match,

Illustrated Stories of Greek Myths (also have Aesops Fables, Fairy Tales, and other Illustrated Stories),

Science Encyclopedia (tons of other fun encyclopedia books based on your child's interests),

The Children's Book of Art, Very First Reading Set, Lift and Look Trains, Step by Step Drawing Book, Secrets of the Seashore (there are a series of these shine-a-light book where you can see all the hidden things when you shine a flashlight on the page),

Busy Helicopter Book, 1000 Things that Go (a book just of pictures and names of the 2 year old would love looking at this...all kinds of other books in this series such as animals, sea, eat),

Slide and See Series,

Animally (I really am wanting to get this one...great going to bed book),

Big Book of Colors, Ted and Friends, Cow Takes a Bow (great learning to read book...they have lots of good phonics books, too),

I love you Americanly,

My Very First Book of Things to Spot, Count to 100, Illustrated Alphabet, There's a Mouse About the House, Nibbles, Busy Bug Book

Interested in some of the top books?  Check out these quick Youtube videos:
Top books 
Non-fiction books 

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