Saturday, January 19, 2013

Master Bedroom Accent Wall and Reveal

When we moved into our home I knew I wanted our master bedroom to have a different paint color and not just the color I had in the rest of the home (Behr's Haze which looks exactly like Kelly Moore's Snip of Tannin).  I had such a hard time deciding that I ended up just going with a slightly darker color (Kelly Moore's Wise Owl) and then I decided to have an accent wall in a chocolate brown.  After about a year I decided the chocolate brown made the room feel too dark and I wanted something more refreshing.  I decided to paint the accent wall a light aqua color.  I ended up going with Olymic's Geyser.  I absolutely love it and am amazed at how a coat of paint can transform a room.

The trick with accent walls is to accent the wall that will be the focal point, which in a bedroom is the wall where the headboard will be.  I've seen people accent walls in rooms that really shouldn't be the focal point and it just doesn't look right.  

I also made other changes to our room (and still have a few more) but I thought I'd share what I've done so far.

First, I switched out the bedding.  I love the quilt I made but it wasn't very masculine.  My husband never complained but I thought I'd do something more neutral.  I went with a white down-free comforter that I found at Marshall's.  I found some aqua pillow cases at Ross to add a pop of color with all the white bedding.  I also found a throw at Kohl's that matches perfectly. 

I painted my lamps with white gloss spray paint and purchased new lamp shades.  I painted my nightstands white using Annie Sloan paint and added new hardware.  I also finally got a headboard!  Our neighbor was going to throw their out so I snagged it and painted it.

I would love to make some valances over the windows and paint my large dresser eventually, but for now this works!



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