Monday, June 20, 2011

Necklace and Braclet Jewelry Organizer Board

After we were first married I bought a really nice jewelry box like my mom had. Growing up I loved her jewelry box and I was excited to have my own. It is a beautiful box, but it just hasn't worked organized my necklaces well. I never can seem to find the one I am looking for and they often get tangled and I have a hard time shutting the doors because the box is overflowing. It basically was a big mess. I have really been into organizing since moving into our new place, so one of my projects this past week was to find a new jewelry solution. I purchased a $6 cork board at Wal-Mart and hung it on my closet wall and put push pins on the board and put my necklaces and bracelets on them. Done. Nothing fancy, but it works great. I can see all of my necklaces easily and they don't get tangled. They are hanging in my closet right by my clothing so I can put on my jewelry immediately after getting dressed. I love it. If you wanted to dress it up a bit you could cover the cork board with some cute fabric, using the method I used for my flannel board here.

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