Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mushroom & Onion Turkey Melt

I don't know about you, but I get tired of eating the same old thing for lunch. I usually am too lazy to make anything that takes more than five minutes for lunch. We had deli turkey in the fridge today but I didn't feel like my usual cold turkey sandwich, so I thought of what else I could make with it. I then remembered back to my days living at home and the turkey melts my dad would make for dinner quite often. They are tasty and healthy!

1/2 onion
10 mushrooms
Six slices of turkey
2 sandwich thins
Sliced mozzarella or provolone cheese
Dijon mustard
Extra Virgin Olive oil

Directions: Slice onions and mushrooms and saute in pan with olive oil.

In seperate frying pan, warm turkey. Place sliced cheese on top of turkey to melt.

Toast sandwich thins. Place turkey with melted cheese, onions and mushrooms, and dijon mustard on the buns and enjoy!

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  1. I'm with you, usually if we don't have leftovers from the night before I get so bored with the same usual lunch. I'll look in the pantry and think "we have absolutely nothing to eat thats quick and easy". :) This sandwich looks delicious and I'm excited to try it! Way to be creative!