Saturday, December 4, 2010

Favorite Christmas Decorations

It was so fun decorating for Christmas this year. It is the first year my son really understands everything going on and he is sooo excited about everything and anything that has to do with Christmas. He loved decorating the tree and his tells us often that his favorite ornaments are the airplanes, which makes his daddy (who is a pilot) very happy.

I always enjoy hanging my Disney ornaments on the tree.

I absolutely love our nativity. My son loves looking at it too and arranging the scene.

We all have stockings that look like these. My mom made them for us several years ago and she has helped me make some for my husband and children.

How about you? Do you have favorite Christmas decorations?


  1. Here's my tree that I love since we were newlyweds.

  2. You have shared lovely Christmas decoration ideas. Few months ago, arranged my sister’s wedding anniversary at a beautiful venue Houston TX. Ordered a delicious cake and bought them many gifts and arranged a memorable event.