Saturday, August 14, 2010

Organizing your pantry and your cupboards

My spice cabinet and pantry have been driving me nuts! They were somewhat organized at one point but as more items were added to the cupboard and pantry they both became a big mess. Yesterday, I stopped by Wal-Mart and picked up these great organizers. I bought this spice organizer for around $3.50.

My spices are tiered so I can easily see everything I have in the cabinet. Here is the before shot.

And After. No guessing what is in the cupboard now...I can see it!Most of my spices I keep on a spice rack where I labeled everything.

I bought these expandable shelves for around $7.50 each.

Here is the before shot. Pretty scary!

And After.

Being organized makes me so happy. I keep opening my pantry just to admire how clean it looks! It only took an hour of work and was under $30.

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